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When I Come To Die

Forgotten Country

I hope the rights to Nathan Louis Jackson’s beautiful play, “When I Come To Die,” are available for a full production. I put together an informal reading this morning at Shetler Studios with myself as Roach, Jay Ward as Damon, Matt Ip Shaw as Crouse, Audrey Martells as Chantel and Miles Lott doing double duty… Continue reading When I Come To Die

Hey, save the dates!

June 17th: directing “Motherly Love” by Lia Romeo as part of Greenhouse Ensemble’s 10-minute play festival. My three actors are perfect and this is going to be delightful. June 30th: appearing as Father de Leo opposite Patricia Perales in a scene from “The Rose Tattoo” at the Gene Frankel Theater.

A new booking!

I closed out last year with two auditions on the same day after a long dry spell. Each resulted in an offer, and offers never fail to thrill. One involved a long commitment I could not afford to make, but the other, a short film being produced under a SAG contract, will find me in… Continue reading A new booking!

Forgotten Country

Forgotten Country

I had a tremendous time shooting Forgotten Country this past weekend. Shooting after midnight in the cold, in the middle of the woods, we kept the outside world far away and let this baby take us where it needed to take us. Looking forward to seeing it on the screen at Lincoln Center late this… Continue reading Forgotten Country


I am so looking forward to reading the role of Ray Miller this Tuesday in the reading of “Disposophobia” by Martha Pichey at the Actor’s Studio! Always good to revisit those hallowed halls.

Time To Go

So glad to be putting this up before an audience, this time directed by George Morfogen!

Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream!

Doing a reading with direction today of “Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream,” a touching new play by Kathi Kennedy. I was in a reading of a screenplay of hers a couple of years ago and am happy to be working with her as she writes for the stage. Besides, how can you say no to a… Continue reading Peanut Buttercup Ice Cream!

Mama’s Baby Boxer

Last year at this time I directed a young actor named James Meneses in “Motherly Love” for The Greenhouse Ensemble. This Wednesday I will be directing a reading of a play James wrote called “Mama’s Baby Boxer.” James has such a beautiful way with language. I am grateful for this opportunity to begin bringing the… Continue reading Mama’s Baby Boxer

Recent months, upcoming projects.

I can’t believe how long it has been since I have added to my website! In October of 2017, I directed a wonderful short play, Scott Mullen’s “The Blue Album,” for The Greenhouse Ensemble. I have been offered first refusal as a result of my first audition of the year, for an industrial. I see… Continue reading Recent months, upcoming projects.

The Olympia

I will be doing a reading this Saturday, March 10th, of Laurel Lockhart’s new play, The Olympia, for PG Evolution. Location: Penn South Communtiy Room 339 West 24th Street. Time: 1:00 PM — doors open at noon. Four other plays will be read afterward, as this first read series lasts until 10:00 PM. (No, you… Continue reading The Olympia