George Pappas

Mama’s Baby Boxer


Last year at this time I directed a young actor named James Meneses in “Motherly Love” for The Greenhouse Ensemble. This Wednesday I will be directing a reading of a play James wrote called “Mama’s Baby Boxer.” James has such a beautiful way with language. I am grateful for this opportunity to begin bringing the play to life.

It’s funny how things come full circle. “Motherly Love” was written by Lia Romeo, whose work I often see when I do readings for Second Monday Social. Hers is one of the best voices out there today. And my work with SMS has led me to other work as well. After reading “Stardust” there for playwright Leif Meneke, I was asked by him to read another scene from the play with the group The PlayGround Experiment.

I hope to see James’s work being explored by different groups as well.

This reading will feature Andrew Mayer, Joey Rotter and Meg Heus, all wonderful actors.